Season Finale - Return of the Bank Robber

Ever the journalist, Stephen has arranged a one-on-one phone interview with Alastair Vombost, the bank robber who held him hostage and nearly killed him in last season’s gripping finale. What will Alastair have to say for himself? Will Stephen get closure on this traumatic event from his past? Will that weird mole on his neck ever go away? Listen and find out!


Gable Stewart, Vlogger

Gable Steward, better known on the internet as Spidert*tzz, joins Stephen to talk about vlogging and how that’s a word/profession that we’re all supposed to take seriously

A Real Life Superhero

That's right, true believers! This week Stephen gets the inside scoop on a real-life masked vigialnte who has made a vow to clean up the streets. Hear about such terrifying villains as The Ice Cream Man, and Those Scally Kids Who Hang Around On Street Corners!

Johnny Burt, Pro Wrestler

From the golden era of British Professional Wrestling, Johnny Burt is here to tell his story. It’s a wild wide across continents, in which he battles hazing, robot racism, and circus bears.

Microphone Russell - 80s DJ

Back on the air! Microphone Russell is this week’s guest on Edquiring Minds. He talks about his glory days as a pop radio DJ in the 80s and his many, many subsequent falls from grace. Finally, he offers Stephen a strange proposition that will affect both of their futures, one way or another.


Pete Petemkin and his Llamas

Pete Petemkin runs the charity organisation 'Llama Lovers', which aims to get more people to accept Llamas as pets. He talks to Stephen about what exactly makes these special animals the perfect companions, how they definitely didn't kill his uncle, and why everyone should contact him and take as many Llamas from his as possible.

Season Two, Episode One - Live Show

Stephen Edwards is back and he intends to kick off season two with a lively chat with world class Linguist in front of a packed crowd. (Important to note: this is what he intended, not necessarily what actually happened.)

Episode 10 - The Bank Robbery


In the season finale, Stephen is caught in the middle of a daring bank heist. Rather than cower in the corner and await rescue, Stephen attempts to document the heist and interview the bank robber himself.

Episode 7 - Tom Cruise, Actor

Stephen is excited to welcome his most high profile guest ever on Edquiring Minds. (For legal reasons, it is important to point out that while this is what he was excited to do. It's not neccessarily what actually happens.)

Episode 6 - Fred Steps, Mothers Against Cosplay

This week Stephen is joined by Fred Steps, a representative of Mothers Against Cosplay. He insists his issue with cosplay is not personal, and outlines his many not-personal reasons for his not-personal view that cosplay is evil. Spoiler alert: it's a pretty personal issue for him.