Episode 24: Baywatch

You go your whole life without every watching Baywatch and then you watch two episodes back to back, one of which has Danny Trejo playing a pirate. What a wonderfull world this is.

Episode 19: Carnal Crimes

IMDB says it best:

"Although Elise is young and beautiful, her husband is no longer interested in having vanilla sex with her. This leaves her bored, unsatisfied and with problems during public masturbation. Then she meets the mysterious photographer Renny and experiences unknown measures of lust and passion. The affair suddenly becomes deadly danger when she learns that he's suspected of woman slayer.

Episode 16: Bail Out

A premise that you think would be hard to mess up is spectacularly wasted in this awful moive about an Ex Cop saving his wife from some terrorists who have taken over a business building. No. It's not Die Hard. Though you'll wish you were watch Die Hard instead.

Episode 15: Femme Fatale

Colin Firth, who is a genius painter that for some reason works as a forest ranger, can not get over the fact that a stranger he met and married without left him so he goes on a quest across LA to find her. This movie did not age as well as Billy Zane did.

Episode 14: Wedlock

Imagine being married to Rutger Hauer. Terrifying right? Now imagine if you were married to Rutger Hauer by an explosive device. That's what this movie is about. 

Episode 11: Drug Wars + Maniac Cop II

Drug Wars is an epic (only in the sense that it is very long) min-series in which Mr. Trejo only appears in one scene in one episode.

Mainiac Cop 2 is a movie about a zombie cop killing machine in which he only appears in one scene, but it is a lot more fun. Bonus points for the best made for movie rap song ever.