Episode 8: Shannon's Deal (X) and Lock Up

Shanno's Deal  1989:

The first instance int he DTFP of a movie listed on IMDB that is not in circulation anymore. As far as we can tell form the IMDB it was a pilot that never got picked up so there has never been a video or DVD realise and there are no copies anywhere online. we can only assume form the discription

A washed-up lawyer refuses to take a bribe and instead goes after the South American drug cartel that's trying to push those in its way.

and the fact that Danny Trejo is not listed int he main actors section that we are nor missing out on much.


Lock Up 1989:

Stallone trying to shake of the image of a mans man action movie man plays a man who fights and builds cars in maxim security prison. It aint Rocky I but its better than Rocky III.